Proper equipment for the tours ⛰️ is a question that is very difficult to answer! It depends on the season ☔ and weather ☀️, as well as the type and duration of the tour. The basic rule is: as less as possible, as much as necessary!

Here are some general tips that should be followed for any tour:

  • Always drink plenty before the start of the tour, so you should be fine with 1-1.5 liters ? during the hike before refilling everything again.
  • Always have a bag of trail mix or an energy bar with you as refreshment in between. Here is a link to the very tasty bars that we always make ourselves
  • Before the tour always check the weather forecast ☔, then you can also leave the thick sweater in the car or in the hut. However, you should always have an emergency bivouac ⚠️ with you.  
  • On short day hikes, a change of shirt is not absolutely necessary. T-shirts made of merino wool will keep you warm, even if you've been sweating. When it comes to clothing, you should pay attention to the right material, then you do not have to change clothes so often. Therefore, the team of SimplyTourIt recommends to look at the material merino wool as the first layer of your clothing. Here is the link to the info about merino wool.

Further down you will find respective packing lists ? to the tours

Hiking tours without overnight stay and extreme weather - packing list

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