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Tour type complexity - Explanations

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More and more people want to get out into nature, the mountains and the landscapes that they know from various pictures on the Internet, from TV reports or from stories.


It is not always easy to keep track of terms like sport climbing, alpine climbing, rock climbing or bouldering. This article should bring some light into the darkness of the climbing types.


A mountaineering tour is a mountain tour that takes place at the altitude level of year-round ice cover. Mountaineering tours require special preparation and equipment.

Skitouring (snowboard)

Ski touring is a special kind of winter sports on skis off-piste. It involves climbing a mountain on skis before descending with them into the valley.

Snowshoe tours

When hiking with snowshoes, you move far away from civilization in untouched, often deeply snow-covered winter landscape. The hikes train endurance and combine the experience of nature with various positive effects on health.

Lenin Peak / 7.134 m / Kyrgyzstan

Discover the world above 7,000 meters and immerse yourself in the nomad culture of the region. The high altitude offers stunning views into valleys of both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


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Männlichen - Kleine Scheidegg / 2232m / Switzerland

The classic of all panoramic hikes. This easy and short hike impresses with its unique view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. T1 - Hiking

Via ferrata

For many years, via ferrata walking has enjoyed great popularity. Because on a via ferrata, even without being an extreme climber, you can venture into vertical rock faces well secured with a via ferrata set.

Packing lists for the tours

Proper equipment for the tours is a question that is unfortunately very difficult to answer! Here are some general packing lists and tips that everyone should consider.

Carabiner with locking device

The "good old screw lock" has had a lot of competition in recent years - and new locking systems are constantly being added. However, the various locking mechanisms do not all offer the same safety reserves against unintentional unhooking!

Merino wool - properties and advantages of the natural fiber

Merino wool is the material for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The natural fiber is soft, breathable, does not smell even when worn frequently, warms and cools. Just read on and learn more about the merino miracle.

Mountaineer bar

Vegan and without added sugar. The bars taste so good that you have to be absolutely careful not to eat all still in the kitchen.